Monday, October 1, 2012

Programming Jobs: Put Your Name Out There

If looking for an exciting career option, but feeling that the market is not very good because of the recession or simply because of lack of opportunities, take heart. There are in fact many positions available in a variety of different fields and they all have the potential to provide not simply a paycheck, but real growth and development with opportunities for advancement. Programming jobs offer a high tech opportunity to use your skills and knowledge to benefit the community and contribute to advancements and information for software and even video games.
Because of how much more every facet of the market is relying on computer software for their business, it is likely that the field of programming jobs will continue to grow for years to come. The secret is to find one that is not just going to pay the bills, but that you will desire to be actively engaged in and be passionate about. There is no sense in writing financial programs if you can barely balance your own checkbook. A person should look into companies and types of work that engage their interests and fuel their creativity. The secret to not just getting a position, but also actually getting the one you want, is proper preparation.
First of all begin compiling your resume. The first thing that prospective employers are going to look at when examining applicants for programming jobs, are the different computer languages that the person is knowledgeable of. That means list everything from java architecture, to C++, and be sure to include more modern advancements like Rust or Ceylon. The more you know the more flexible you can be in the position you are placed in. Do not simply list your qualifications make it engaging. It is likely that the company you are applying to have received dozens if not hundreds of resumes. Make sure yours stands out of the pile and catches their eye. Check and double-check for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Avoid the temptation to exaggerate or embellish your qualifications. In this day and age it is very easy to disprove lies on a resume so do not even tempt your luck.
Consider including a sample of your work or presentations of projects you have worked on in the past. Many of the applicants will have similar backgrounds as yours but show that you execute the use of these skills in a creative and effective way. Show screenshots of your applications, or samples of code you have written. Show them your best so they know what you are capable of.
Rather than looking for any job, start looking for the job you want. Go to the websites of companies that intrigue you. Check their website for potential openings. Do not hesitate to call them or contact them even if they are not currently hiring for programming jobs. No company is going to pass up a great employee, just because they do not currently have a vacancy. Make yourself indispensable and they will hire you.

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