Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Future of the Video Wall Industry

One way to look at the challenge ahead is to think of all this progress as an improvement on canvas available for effective visual communication. Now this is an interesting digital canvas so strong in all areas of technology, the question that remains is how manufacturers can easily make the creation and management of content for the portal great communication.

In recent discussions with industry specialists, it has become clear that the future of the industry will be in the video wall flexible content management. In today's technology landscape, the video wall systems become more advanced. The system can now handle more screens, actively compensate the bezel (the gap in the video image that is created by the frame of the screen), and run the video content in the video resolution is so high that they can not even be perceived by the human eye. As the industry is heading into the return zone is reduced in terms of hardware technology improves, the next step is to innovate in the field of content management video wall software.

For example, most of the systems on the market can not run some form of media at the same time because they are built to stretch just a visual signal that goes to all screens involved. This means that to run multiple video, picture slideshow, RSS feeds, live streams and other forms of media on canvas large-screen display, users need a solution other products are in the visual signal chain before entering the input video wall.