Monday, October 1, 2012

How Neuro Linguistic Programming Can Assist Wellness Practitioners in Their Businesses

I have been a yoga Teacher and neuro linguistic and wellness practitioner for the last twelve years. However recently I have been trying to expand my customer base and attract additional practitioners in both the fields of yoga and NLP to work with me at my new expanded facility. A few years ago I did graduate from an intensive course in neuro linguistic training but I felt a bit like I needed to brush up on my skills, remind myself of the principles of NLP and overall fine-tune my ability to be a persuasive and confident public speaker. After all, to get the money I needed to convince others that my new business strategy would result in great prosperity for all, I had to be at the top of my game.
Part of my new business plan was to also train new yoga teachers and new NLP trainers at my expanded wellness studio. To facilitate this I decided to enrol in a Trainer's Training Certification training to refine my skills. The program I enrolled in came very highly recommended with a ninety percent success rate of students going on to be full-on practitioners and trainers of new practitioners.
As a yoga teacher I was always working on the flexibility of my body. In this neuro linguistic workshop I learned how to really modulate and fine tune my vocal cords so that I could become a very effective public speaker. I learned how certain tones and questioning lilts to a voice could actually make you seem less confident and even untrustworthy.
Many years of meditation and dealing primarily with natural wellness methods had also softened my business acumen. Taking this training helped me take my creative ideas out of the realm of abstraction and refine them so they could be manifested in a measurable and attainable fashion in the real world. I learned how to prioritise my time and how to delegate my workload to trusted individuals so I could sit back and focus on the big picture of how I saw my business unfolding and thriving in the future. This process is known as "master modelling" and helps you create a template for behaviour so you can succeed repeatedly in life.
Learning how to choose trustworthy employees was also part of this neuro linguistic training because during this "upgrade I was introduced to new concepts about learning how to read people. This is an invaluable skill in an interview situation that can help you to weed out those with vain promises in a hurry.

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