Monday, October 1, 2012

Become a Programmer: Programming Degree Programs

If you want to become a programmer, the first step is to get educated to develop the skills required and master multiple coding languages. Most college-educated technicians start with a bachelor's degree in a programming related area such as computer science, software engineering, information technology or mathematics. A bachelor's degree takes four years and prepares one to become a computer systems engineer, database developer, computer programmer, computer technician, system manager or consultant. Types of courses offered include database programming, computer systems security and computer languages among others.
Studying a vast array of computer languages will only enhance your chances of landing a good paying job. Since it is such a competitive field, know multiple languages, techniques, troubleshooting methods, in both open and closed source structures. If you can wear multiple hats as a technician, you can quickly pull apart from the rest of the programming field.
Other degree options if you want to become a programmer include associates and masters degree. An associates programming degree requires two years to complete. The coursework includes object-oriented programming, JavaScript, desktop publishing and web based programming. This degree prepares you to become a computer programmer, web developer, computer support specialist or a computer software engineer. A masters degree goes for two years and teaches advanced programming languages, operating systems, software design and testing, web design, game design and multimedia. With a master's degree and relevant experience, you qualify for management positions and a variety of programming related careers. If you have a degree in another area, you can go for certificate programs to develop specific programming skills and become a programmer without going for a programming degree.

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