Monday, June 9, 2014

Steps to Change Your Life for the better

One of the things I learned about butterflies is that the transition from caterpillar to butterfly is not quick and easy. Perhaps you have heard stories of people who watched a butterfly struggling to emerge from a small hole in the cocoon. The man saw how much difficulty the butterfly experience, and see that it seems to be stuck, so he took a pair of scissors and carefully create a much larger opening.

When I started to make some changes in my, I became increasingly drawn to the butterfly. As if somewhere deep in my soul, I know that they have much to teach me. I always appreciate the beauty of the butterfly, and see them as a symbol of new life which God allows, but suddenly I saw butterflies everywhere and even dream about them. My hope is that these principles will serve as a guide to help you start your own personal journey of transformation. This step-by-step process is a tool that can help you achieve the changes you want, but like any tool, its effectiveness depends on how it is used.

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