Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Great Business Ideas For Writers

Writing is not for everybody but if you happen to be a passionate and skilled writer then there are great business ideas you can start up in this very profitable field.
A writing business not only offers better pay but also the flexibility to work from home or anywhere you want to. All you need is your sharp wits, a laptop, a word-processor, and Internet connection (optional) to do your research. Here are some ways to make money from writing:
Business Presentation Services. If you have experience working in the corporate world, you will realize that a lot of people loathe making business presentations. So why not do it for them and profit from this desperate market? To succeed in this business, you need to have strong computer skills, critical thinking, creativity, and basic understanding of business presentation. The blog Presentation Zen is a good source of info. More than presenting the facts, an effective business pitch has a strong visual appeal and logical coherence. The good news is that most small business owners and even experienced professionals are not adept in this field making it a very lucrative opportunity.
Press Release Writing and Submission Services. Do you know that there are more than 500,000 businesses launched every year in the U.S. alone? This is a great business opportunity to help other small business owners and make money at the same time. Writing press release is considered one of the most effective online and offline marketing tactics today. You'll usually write about a company's official launch, new products introduced, important announcements or milestones reached. It's quite similar to article marketing but has a more formal tone and structure. You can also include press release submission as an add-on service.
Copywriting services. All great advertising slogans, TV or radio ads, brochures, web content and other marketing materials rely on good copywriting skills. If you have the power to spin words or move people by weaving words you ought to take this venture seriously. Small business owners usually outsource copywriting to third party providers for it take skills and considerable amount of time to come up with a great copy. Established copywriters charge around $50 or more per hour.
Editing and Rewriting Services. There's quite a misconception that editing is exclusively for book authors and publishers only. Conversely, these groups represent a tiny fraction of an editing business. The market for editing services has dramatically exploded thanks to the rise of the Internet. Now, online publishers, e-commerce sites, niches sites, advertising firms and marketing agencies pay skilled editors to make sure that every word is spelled properly and every sentence is grammatically correct. Since you're already in this business, offering article rewriting services is a great add-on to your income. Major search engines like Google discourage duplicate content and they penalize Websites doing this. These rules have prompted online publishers to retain rewriters as part of their SEO strategies.

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